Wednesday, August 1, 2007


Via Fark comes this "preview" for S4 of Lost, one of our favorite shows. If you watch this clip closely, at about the 1:08 mark you can see the words "God loves you as He loved Jacob" flash across the screen. As is the case with all these "clues" that the writers keep throwing out there, we really have no idea what any of this all means. Hey, only six more months until the next episode!

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mashpeeoc said...

Um.... ?

The more and more I watch this show, the more I hear the writers laughing their balls off at how confused America is by their little games.
The only clue I can see here is that the writers are huge fans of Monty Pyton as we now expect that the smoke monster has taken the form of the the evil bunny from Holy Grail. RUN AWAAAAAAAAAAAY!