Wednesday, July 25, 2007


The Boston Red Sox have their own team barber, and he goes by the name of LMontro. He lives at the Brookline Holiday Inn during the season, and even travels with the team (though he pays for his own flights and hotels) on the road. Not surprisingly, David Ortiz "recruited" LMontro to work "exclusively" with the Sox. And how did LMontro get his first big break?

While working at a barbershop in Miami, LMontro saw an ad on television for the World Baseball Classic, which was about to be played in Orlando. "I said, 'Yo, there are going to be lots of guys there who need barbers,"' he recalls. "I rented a car and drove there with my clippers."

Inspiring perserverance, we must say; if only we had so much motivation to cut hair, we too could take in $1,000 a cut, which would help us pay for our Hummer with Louis Vuitton seats, gull-wing doors, and a satellite dish on the roof.


The Champ said...

No news like old news...

Getting Soaw said...

ha. it was in the Globe today!