Wednesday, July 25, 2007


Ok, in our personal effort to start following baseball more closely, we present this first installment of our daily baseball "feature," lamely titled "Peanuts Here." (We'll see how long this lasts).

We found this ESPN headline to last night's Red Sox/Indians game a bit curious: "Matsuzaka solid in matchup with Sabathia." Mr. Dice-K pitched seven shut-out innings, allowing four hits, striking out five, while throwing only 98 pitches against one of the best teams in baseball. We would say that performance is more than "solid," though we are nitpicking here. The Sox won, 1-0, as "Walks" Matsuzaka (we like that name) outdueled C.C. Sabathia, keeping Boston 7.5 games up on the Yankees. That's all we have to say about that.

[we don't know where With Leather got this picture from, but it is awesome]


Walsh said...

you either need to let bags write this, or change the name of the feature.

amazing pic though

Getting Soaw said...

it's a ploy to get bags to write it, if he could only manage 30 words per day . . .