Friday, July 27, 2007


The Big Lead does a fine job keeping abreast of all the latest media rumblings; most recently, they learned that NFL scribe Michael Silver was leaving Sports Illustrated to write for Yahoo Sports. Silver is just the last writer to fly the SI coop, following Jeff Chadiha and Steve Rushin, among others. We were reading through some of the comments of that TBL post, when this one gave us pause (and made us chuckle): "seriously, how many actual writers would love to write for SI and they give a whole column to some broad because she has big tits."

We all know who that broad is, of course: FSU "cowgirl" Jenn Sterger. (We have a buddy who once asked her to be his "friend" on MySpace; he did not receive a reply). Yes, Sterger is still writing for, and we guess at this point, we better start calling her an actual columnist (shudder). We don't mean to pick on her, because it's a great gig and we're sure she's having a good time doing it, traveling from stadium to ballpark and back, all on SI's dime. Nope, we're not jealous at all. But her musings sometimes leave us with much to be desired, such as her take on this whole Mike Vick saga:

I think these athletes forget how fortunate they are to do something they LOVE for a living. They get paid to play a game, to represent a city, to represent fans, and to be a role model.

We think Ms. Sterger forgets how talented these athletes actually are, and that they earn their positions based on merit, as opposed to, say, a nice rack. And this cannot reflect too well on SI among those in the "industry," and might be a reason all these writers keep leaving for other places; or, maybe they're just tired of sharing the masthead with a guy who writes about his colonoscopy.

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