Friday, July 27, 2007


After the completion of the unmitigated disaster that was our Soaw of the Week poll (17 votes!), we have a winner: ladies and gentlemen, may we present to you Ms. Carolina Ardohain. Carolina outlasted fellow hottie Lucy Pinder by a count of 12-5, an achievement she can now add to her resume to go along with Victoria's Secret model, TV host, and for once having been quoted as saying: "I never drink alcohol, and never take drugs. For fun, I dance. . . . I dance on tables, I'm not shy."

Not to disappoint loyal reader Tim, but we could not find much other biographical information on Carolina. Suffice to say, she is this week's Soaw of the Week, and would totally destroy last week's winner (Heidi Montag) in a vote if we were so inclined to put one up.

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Tim said...

OMG getting soaw totally just mentioned me in their blog!!!!