Wednesday, February 13, 2008


Andrea Kramer is "offended" that ESPN has decided to cut back the roles of MNF sideline "reporters" Suzy Kolber and Michelle Tafoya. Of course she is -- everyone is offended these days about something! Kramer is offended as a woman, naturally:

Kremer suggests she's "offended" by ESPN's move because "it sets back women." Referring to herself, Kolber, Tafoya and Fox sideline reporter Pam Oliver, she says "no one accused the four of us for being on television for our looks or figures. … This isn't five years ago, with eye candy on the sidelines. We established ourselves as reporters, professionals. Now, you've completely minimized that. These women don't have to prove themselves anymore."

Actually, you kind of have to prove your worth to the telecast, don't you? And asking a player "what was going through your head?" doesn't exactly cut it these days. At least Kramer doesn't think she has a job because she's soaw, like Jillian Barberie; she hasn't become that delusional, yet.

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