Thursday, August 2, 2007


So, yeah: another day gone by, and all three of these "baseball milestones" remain unmet: Barry Bonds, creeped out by two guys painting themselves black; Tom Glavine, done in by a shitty bullpen; and ARod, who's not going to get another hit all season. Every year, it seems, baseball fans are bombarded with all these silly stats, which are updated on the hour, every hour, until one landmark or another is reached. All other games are suddenly considered unimportant, so much so that in the middle of a hotly contested match up between two teams fighting for first place in their respective divisions (Cubs and Phillies, last night), it is perfectly acceptable to cut away to a meaningless at-bat by a guy (Bonds) on one of the worst teams in baseball; or an at-bat that may result in a home run that will probably be followed by over 200 more in the guy's career (ARod); or an inning-by-inning highlight of a guy who's going for a "milestone" that 21 people have already reached (Glavine).

Granted, the all-time home run record is arguably an exception, as it is the greatest single record in all of sports (ed. note: we couldn't care less); but when it comes to these other milestones, really, who cares? They aren't even records, they are random statistics that become suddenly worthy of our attention because they end in two or three zeros. Maybe ESPN gets off on these moments, but for Cubs and Phillies fans, well, they got . . .

-- Tommy Gunz

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