Wednesday, August 1, 2007


Getting Soaw "contributor" Bagger was at The Stadium last night for the Yankees' slaughtering of the White Sox. Not only was he at the game, but he "had access into the area where [the players] walk out of the locker room," though we're not quite sure what that means, because we have never before had such a privilege. Astonishingly, Bagger did not get a single picture of ARod giving Derek Jeter a neck massage. In fact, he didn't get any pictures at all. For shame.

Anyway, the Yanks were unkind to Chicago, slapping them around to the tune of 16-3. They tied a franchise record with eight home runs, though Alex Rodriguez was not allowed to join in on the fun. He is 0-17 since hitting career home run No. 499. Poor guy. We feel like he will be stuck on that number for quite a while longer, or maybe his whole career, even.


The Champ said...

The Champ will be at the game...that's what A-Rod was waiting for...10 bucks he gets 500 tonight.

Bagger said...

it's true, i did have access to the locker room exit. i was able to see arod run out of there like there was no tomorrow (no chance he actually showered after the game), jeter and contreras acting like long lost friends reunited for the first time. let me add, contreras seemed surprisingly happy even after going 2 2/3 innings while giving up 7 ER. whatever, he's making millions. also, abreu is a lot smaller than he appears on tv. i could definitely take him.

Maura said...


where have you been? no gmail?