Sunday, July 22, 2007


Wally Backman is quite the baseball leader. We all remember 2004 when the Arizona Diamondbacks hired him to be their manager, and four days later fired him due to his "legal" and "financial" troubles. DUIs and the IRS will get you every time! Friday night, Backman's minor league team -- the South Georgia Peanuts! -- were taking a beating from the Macon Music when a brawl broke out, and the Peanuts responded the only way they knew how: they walked off the field.
With Macon way ahead, Casey Garrison of the Music swung at a 3-0 pitch and drove in a run that made it 12-2. That didn't sit well with the Peanuts.

The next batter, Carlos Arroyo, evaded two pitches before the next one hit him. The dugouts emptied, umpires broke up the fight and the players were sent back to their benches.

At that point, the Peanuts decided they'd had enough and did not return to the field.
Hey, it's tough to blame them; Backman had already been ejected (in the 2nd inning!) and was looking for three more to get in on a game of Pinochle.

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