Wednesday, July 25, 2007


Unlike most other people, this whole NBA/gambling scandal doesn't really do much for us. Yes, it's like a story straight from the pen of David Chase: gambling, organized crime, "rogue" insiders, the FBI; we understand the intrigue, believe us. The thing is, though, what happens after this whole thing plays out? Tim Donahgy resigns, David Stern holds a press conference promising to look into it, games that Donaghy worked are re-evaluated to see if any were effected, and then the whole thing goes away and nobody remembers this guy's name three years from now.

And then all this fuss over nothing. We don't know; we just don't care all that much about it. Also, we're terribly bored by the NBA: like many, we haven't been true fans since Michael Jordan retired. So that probably has something to do with it.

No, what intrigues us most is finding out how much money NBA referees make. Entry-level referees make $85,000 per year . . . $85,000! To work what, 60 games a season? Is anybody else stunned by that figure? Donaghy was pulling in over $200k, plus playoff money; um, he must have been in some very, very serious gambling debt if that salary wasn't cutting it for him. We would gladly take the abuse from the likes of Ron Artest and Rasheed Wallace for that kind of change. Sigh. We are in the wrong career field, we're afraid.

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