Monday, July 23, 2007


We here at Getting Soaw like to pull for the underdogs, yet we still find ourselves fans of Tiger Woods, if you can call someone who never watches golf a "fan." We enjoy seeing Tiger come from behind and win, set new records and win, or just plan dominate and win by eight strokes. But over the weekend, he was just not very good or exciting (ed. note: not that we would know; we spent Sunday afternoon watching "Everything Is Illuminated," which was terrible).

Anyway, if Woods doesn't play well, who's going to watch golf? Certainly we aren't. We don't know if we should be more disappointed with Tiger's play this weekend or that we found out Bear Grylls wasn’t really roughing it. We can only hope that Tiger pulls a Stella and gets his groove back, and that Bear will prove the haters wrong and somehow spend a week someplace new and dangerous, and survive. May we humbly suggest Hamsterdam.


Getting Soaw said...

The elephant dung part was real. Nobody will ever convince me otherwise.

Patrick said...

who is stella?