Monday, July 23, 2007


Ostensibly, this is a sports blog (we think). But during the summer, we're quite bored with the general sporting scene. We appreciate the occasional baseball game, and start to follow MLB action more closely as the season progresses; it's just hard to get worked up over a team's 118th game when they still have 44 more to play. As for golf and tennis, we'll watch the final rounds of the majors if any of the big names are still involved. Are there any other summer sports we're forgetting? (Even though the NBA playoffs are six months long and run into the summer, they don't count). You see, we're huge football fans, and there hasn't been a meaningful game played in over five months, so forgive us if we're a little restless. We just received our copy of Pro Football Prospectus in the mail today, and the first preseason game is only two weeks away, so we're getting a little excited.

To help pass the time, though, why not check out these new photos of Lindsay Lohan in a bikini? There, that's better.

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The Champ said...

"LL Cool Skank" is so up and down, the girl looks good in one pic and like trash in the next...I would.