Thursday, July 19, 2007


Did you know that the British Open began play today? Neither did we. We have a terrible time keeping track of when all these golf tournaments start, even the majors. Same with tennis. Anyway, we figure we'll watch the last round on Sunday. It's a nice time to sit back in the living room, AC blasting, Lenny's sandwich in hand, cerebral at the ready, and watching some British Open. And what would make the final round even more interesting is if Tiger Woods and Phil Mickelson are still in contention.

It would make for some competitive golf, sure, but who doesn't want to see the gratuitous televised shots of their wives: Elin Nordegren and Amy Mickelson? It seems obvious to us who is hotter: we mean, it's not even fair. One is a "super model" and the other is simply a cougar. But one of our friends once said that Elin wasn't even soaw at all. Needless to say, he is an idiot.


Rich said...

Tiger wins. Always bet on (half)black.

Tim said...

why is this even an argument? smokin hot supermodel vs. middle aged overweight mildy attractive housewife?