Monday, July 23, 2007


Upset that your favorite team is losing? Soccer fans of Brazil's Corinthians (we think that's a team) have an idea for you: protest outside the president's house.

Around 100 angry Corinthians supporters protested in front of the home of club president Alberto Dualib after their team lost 3-0 at home to Nautico on Sunday.

Brazilian media reports said the supporters went straight from the stadium to Dualib's house in the Alto de Pinheiros district of Sao Paulo, where they threw eggs and firecrackers and chanted insulting slogans.

Now here is a strategy we can get behind. Forget wearing brown paper bags over your heads to games and staging "walk-outs," Lions fans; eggs and firecrackers are much more effective. Matt Millen is practically begging you to try.

We tried this once ourselves, actually, when we were upset with one of our high school teachers; we loved it so much we kept going back for more. We were then cuffed, booked, and fingerprinted, which marked the end to all that.

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Patrick said...

i'll take notice...of those oobies