Tuesday, July 24, 2007


Marcus Allen is smitten with June 2007 Penthouse Pet Kimberly Williams. He's buying her flowers, cooking her dinner, and calling her over 15 times per day. Uh-oh. Now Kimberly is creeped out:

"He started to send me these terrible text messages. 'Where the hell are you, Kimberly!' . . . It's really scary . . . Things got really bad after I did the Howard Stern show. He got very upset that I got nude on the show. Hello! I'm a Penthouse Pet . . . I told him he needed to calm down . . . But he got even angrier."

Apparently, Allen is a also a regular at the Playboy mansion (tough to blame him on that one) and has a MySpace page (inexcusable for a man his age) with many girls thanking him for "lunch." This cannot end well.

UPDATE: We have been unable to find Marcus Allen's supposed MySpace page. Anybody know where it is? This is making us think Kimberly may have stretched her story just a bit now; not that we care, though.

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