Sunday, July 29, 2007


Jose Canseco is a man of honor and integrity. In his first book, he alleged that Mark McGwire and Rafael Palmeiro used steroids. Now, the man who once tried to run his wife over with his car is continuing his truth crusade in a new book, this time taking aim at Alex Rodriguez:

Canseco told Boston radio station WEEI that he had “other stuff on Alex Rodriguez that will be coming out (in the new book)” . . . In the interview, Canseco called Rodriguez a "hypocrite" who "was not all he appeared to be," WEEI reported.

We are fascinated by these new allegations. Jose Canseco cares only about the sanctity of a game that he himself treated with so much respect, of course. We see him as the obvious successor to Bud Selig one day, really.


The Champ said...

Should we just assume every ball player is on some drug whether recreational or HGH or roids?

Patrick said...

canseco is scum, and i don't even care for arod all that much

Bagger said...

word...we all just need to appreciate what arod, bonds and co. are doing right now in baseball and ignore all the criticism

Bob Sacamano said...

no news like old news, apparently.