Friday, July 27, 2007


We have been to a strip club less than ten times in our life, and we guess, at age 25, that is somewhat pathetic. There is just something terribly depressing about walking into one of those places, looking around, and seeing dozens of drunk old men with their chins on the bar, angling for a better peek of a girl who wants nothing more from you than a dollar bill. (Not that we're judging). We suppose if we were professional football players, though, a night at Scores would be a tad more interesting, especially if we were Jeremy Shockey:

Jeremy Shockey and several teammates were happy guys when they reported to the Giants training camp yesterday, following a night of cavorting with strippers at Scores West Side. . . . "Jeremy is the coolest," said Scores dancer Devin. "He complimented me on my new boob job, which makes me a 36D."

If only we could think of such flattering things to say to strippers, we imagine we wouldn't feel so awkward becoming aroused the next time we got a lap dance.

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