Friday, July 20, 2007


For anyone living in Manhattan who's never had In-N-Out, we feel your pain, even if you don't know what you're missing. When we lived in San Diego, we ate In-N-Out at least twice a week, and we'd order the same thing every time: Double-Double, Animal Fries, and a chocolate shake. Pure bliss; the best "fast food" meal we have ever had. Really, these restaurants have reached cult-like status out west. And now rumor has it that In-N-Out may be planning a debut in New York. We have our doubts, though, mainly because of the sentiments this commenter raises:
I've often wondered about the myriad ways In-N-Out's employee template would fail in this area, and that's a big deal for anyone who's been to one out west. They're clean, organized, yet deliberate with each order. I'd say the over-under here would be about 2 hours before the Double-Doubles start getting served all lopsided and shit.
We tend to agree with this assessment. Employees at In-N-Out are actually friendly; they speak perfect English; they smile; they do not rush your order (and this is a good thing). In short, they are the kind of people you would never expect to find serving your food here in New York.


Walsh said...

stop referring to yourself as "we"

Getting Soaw said...

We do not appreciate your belligerence.