Sunday, July 22, 2007


Back in April, Browns QB Brady Quinn hoped to be a top-10 pick in the NFL draft -- after all, football "experts" had projected him there! -- but when he fell all the way to the No. 22 spot, he cost himself millions in guaranteed money. Well, now Quinn is trying to make back some of that money. How, you ask? By selling autographs at the local mall, of course!

Several fans called NewsChannel5 saying they thought they could bring anything for the Browns QB to sign. But then they found out they had to buy either an autographed picture or previously signed merchandise. They said there was no advertising that autograph seekers would have to pay.

We have never been to Cleveland, but we cannot imagine Quinn winnng over many fans from the Dawg Pound with this gesture. Going to be a long year for the Browns, we're afraid.

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Tim said...

this sux, as if brady needed any more bad press. I'm sure this is beyond standard procedure for all autographs sessions around the league, but for some reason everyone despises Brady Quinn. Can't wait till he throws for 30 tds and shuts everyone up